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22nd April 2015










NEW FOR 2015

Chinese Professional Development Program

For Chinese Business People & Investors

Novotel Hotel Parramatta

Wed. 22nd April to Wed. 27th May 2015

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  • Quality education in business management - expand your business to the next level
  • Practical, inter-active workshops in English, Chinese and Korean dialects – use your first language of instruction to accelerate your learning 
  • Manage government regulation and business compliances - improve your understanding of the Australian business regulatory and legal environment

Our Mission is to empower the business operator through quality learning and education.

We work with Chinese, Korean and English speaking Australian businesses to take more control over their business operation.

We offer a range of accredited management programs to assist small business owners & operators to become more profitable. We help business migrants and small business operators in co-operation with government agencies to help grow business enterprises.

Australia is highly regulated compared with countries such as China and Korea.  Three tiers of government regulate business - local Councils, State and Australian Government agencies.

Unfortunately most information and advice about legal and regulatory requirements to run a business in Australia are only supplied in English language.  

IBBT can assist business migrants and newly arrived Australian citizens gain a competent understanding of the government compliance requirements.  We have established relationships with many government agencies. Information and advice is accurate, up to date and supplied directly from the agencies.

Applied Knowledge = Empowerment = Business Success!


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